ella jane – bored&blind

If you’ve had the pleasure of listening to ella jane’s music in the past then you’ll already know how this young songstress is becoming one of the most hotly tipped artists in the indie pop scene. Her lyrics are soaked in her own youth with rich vivid imagery portraying her adolescence to sheer perfection. It makes sense her lyrical storytelling is on another level too with her growing up listening to the likes of Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and even her namesake Ella Fitzgerald. It seems like the planets were aligned for this artist to not just leave the stratosphere but shoot past it and live amongst the brightest of stars.

bored&blind was written when she was 16 and is her attempt at trying to capture the pain and giddy excitement that comes from an unrequited crush, it was only when she looked back in hindsight she was able to finish the track and make the piece what her young self always wanted it to be. It manages to capture the naivety of her own youth through buoyant beats, intoxicating hooks that you’ll be belting out wherever you may go and the lyrics that venture into more mature areas but still manage to keep the playfulness that comes with youth, “Hidden in the back with some stolen art / And hey Mona Lisa.” She’s on a rocket to the stars and we’re merely coming along for the ride.

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