SEB – They Don’t Like Me

SEB has always marched to the beat of his own drum and his music is living proof of that. He doesn’t do what people expect of him, he does what makes himself happy despite what others might say or think about him, he pairs his own insecurities and fears with defiance and rebellion. It captures two sides of the spectrum that has always inhabited his music with him writing about dreaming big but also the consequences that come along with it, resulting in me being consistently enthralled and captivated by every track he puts out. It’ll come as no surprise then that They Don’t Like Me is another jaw dropper.

Speaking on the track SEB says, “Growing up everybody had this certain expectation of me and then when I started making music people thought I was probably going to do rap with trap beats, especially growing up in Chicago. This song is me saying ‘you all want me to do this, but if I went over here and tried something different would you still like me?’”

The lusciously textured bedroom pop soundscape allows his heart on sleeve lyricisms to take centre stage as his dolorous vocal to launch this emotionally charged number up to new unexplored lands. With SEB there’s always an undeniably flair, each track he produces has this unique quality that manages to draw you into his world to make everything feel so personable, almost as if he wrote it just for you. It’s this that makes him something rather special.

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