Casper Jones – Ghost Town


Having lived in a small village for the majority of my life where the most exciting thing to happen in recent memory was when a car got stuck in knee high water near a bridge… not the most exciting place in the world. However many people seek the country life as a way of getting a fresh start, leaving the bustling streets of the big city and heading off to somewhere where they’re simply unknown and can become who they truly want to be. It’s this concept that surrounds Casper Jones’ single Ghost Town thematically as he paints this picture of idyllic beauty a fresh start can bring, even if you have to hit rock bottom first to get there.

Coming about from quarantine where he saw his Manhattan city become a literal ghost town there’s a under-pining sadness to the track that is contrasted by the happy-go-lucky ukulele melodies and uplifting piano keys. The vocals gently wash over you as the tenderly penned lyrics about not being able to do all the things he once did every day but now knows once the world is up and running again he’ll be looking at it all with a new perspective. Combine all that with the spellbinding aesthetics of the music video that take the idea of creating your own world’s whilst being trapped inside and flips it entirely on its head and you’ll be left in pure awe.

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