Moe Young – Electric

Internet Money signee Moe Young is one of the most promising R&B talents around right now with his debut EP, which featured the simply divine track Valet, being a rather spellbinding start and it looks like that momentum isn’t stopping anytime soon. His track Show With Me, a collaboration with lilspirit, caught people’s ears by surprise in the best way imaginable as he showed off the versatility of his ever expanding sonic identity and today he’s hit a home run like a prime Babe Ruth and left me begging for more.

Electric is reminiscent of The Weeknd’s After Hours through the use of a brooding synthwave production but Young adds his own distinct flair through the compelling hooks and his lusciously toned vocal that is filled with such character that you feel rather high spirited the second you hear him sing. The smokey atmosphere mixed with the clean cut rhythmic electronics makes this a certified club anthem of the future with hundreds of people belting out that hook at the top of their lungs.

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