Lagoon Wavey – Sunflower


Within the first few seconds of hearing Lagoon Wavey’s latest single my jaw dropped to the floor. The Barbados born singer is known for being heavily inspired by his island’s rich musical history, he proudly champions his roots by thrusting his countries proud heritage into the modern era to make his sound unquestionably his own and his country’s. Previous releases like Aloe Vera and Confidential were living proof of this but within Sunflower he’s just managed to take his sound to a whole new level that has rendered me speechless and simply in awe.

The poetic lyrics about the struggle of moving on from someone who you once shared such a special connection with are utterly stunning with the luscious falsetto of Wavey capturing every bit of inner turmoil you can expect from being trapped in a situation like this. The stripped back emotional soundscape allows the complicated nature of these lyrics to truly connect with the listener as he elegantly takes us on a journey of breathtaking beauty and melancholy sadness. Listen and let his music take you away.

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