NewDad – Slowly


Ireland has one of the most underrated music scenes going right now with the country producing a plethora of talented acts, from Inhaler and Whenyoung to JyellowL and Elm, the country is knocking it out of the park consistently and there’s no better example of that than the hazy shoegaze band NewDad. They left us floored in 2020 with Blue, a somber number with celestial vocals that melted together to form a beautifully textured sonic experience, that I still find myself revisiting on a regular basis and now they’re continuing this brilliant run of form.

Slowly thematically focuses on someone telling you they love you but then having no follow through with their proclamation, leaving you confused, bewildered and uncertain about what’s actually happening. It’s a dreamy affair with ethereal vocals gliding over a shoe gaze production of lush guitar riffs and spaced out drums to create something that makes you feel both the pure bliss of knowing someone loved you and the restlessness of wondering what’s going on with them. NewDad are here to put Galway on the musical map and not in the Ed Sheeran way.

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