Noah Jack – FACELIFT

I can still vividly remember being in high school and wanting desperately to be perceived as ‘normal,’ something where I didn’t stand out or was different to everyone else, I just wanted to blend into the background and be the same unsightly beige that everyone else appeared to be. However as I got older I realised how much this act didn’t help me, by blending in I became someone I disliked, resulting in me finally deciding to step out of the beige and into the vibrant colours of the rainbow. A lovely bit of character development there.

This whole concept is what inspired the artist Noah Jack in his debut single FACELIFT as he unapologetically encourages us all to wave our freak banner high and oppose the ‘norms’ that’ve been passed down to us. A genre-bending sound featuring high spirited hyper pop synth melodies, a dynamic rapping flow that’s reminiscent of MGK and personable lyrics that speaks to the art school kids who tried to blend in before realising they were born to stand out. It’s a debut with a mission statement that shows his intent on what he wants his sound to accomplish.

Must Read