Dava – New Ceilings


When putting our all into pursuing our dreams it can often become a battle to survive. Money becomes tight as we invest anything we can back into our dream, budgeting becomes a necessity and we begin to get frustrated at ourselves for not prioritising our own life instead of the dream. All this pent up emotion is what Dava felt when she first moved to LA, but rather than keeping this anger within herself she lets it all out in an empowering single New Ceilings that she wrote as a way to validate all the hard work she put into her dream until now.

“This song was written about survival and staying true to yourself. I was having a hard time financially after moving to LA and my phone was shut off while on my way to this session. I was upset with myself for prioritizing music when I really needed the money from driving Uber to stay afloat,” The artist explains. “The day I wrote “New Ceilings” I was angry and I wanted a song that felt empowering and validated all the work I had put in up to that point. I ended up choosing different songs for my project but when I revisited this one year later, I felt it needed to be heard because of how authentically it embodies my struggle.

This is a song for the dreamers out there, the ones who have their feet floating off the ground but are brought back down to earth with the worries that come with pursing things you can see so clearly in your mind. It’s palpable pop with a sprinkle of alternative R&B thrown in there that has us listening on repeat.

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