Amber Ais – Better Without Me

In the age of social media it’s become more and more common for us all to compare our lives to others. We see where we are in life then look at others and wonder why they’re doing so much better than us, making us feel incredibly insecure about ourselves and making us think we’re doing something wrong or, in some cases, that something is wrong with us. Amber Ais knows this feeling all too well as realises how much better off her ex is doing compared to herself, a crushing blow to say the least.

Better Without Me is an early 2000’s inspired bop that channels the emotion you’d get from a Taylor Swift break up anthem that makes the heartbreak feel all the more raw and combines it with the uplifting pop hooks from a Julia Michaels track. It’s a pop anthem that will soundtrack countless break ups for years to come and undoubtably will be featured in many teen dramas during the aftermath of a breakup, music supervisor for Riverdale get on this track. This Boston native has managed to speak to the hearts of countless broken hearted people with this one single.

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