2012 Bid Adieu – SANITY

Reveling in the confusion of 2020, 2012 Bid Adieu have decided they’ve spent enough time isolating and are ready to step out into the wide open world to be heard by the masses. The collective have never been afraid to flex their lyrical muscles with their debut EP We Died in 2012: This is Hell diving into the digital purgatory we now find ourselves residing in, so blurred under the avalanche of Tik Tok videos, tweets and selfies that we ourselves can’t see the hell we’re within. They satirically give commentary over modern events and, considering what 2020 offered them, it’s no surprise their latest single focuses on just that.

SANITY, the perfect title, reflects upon Jordan Clark’s (lead vocalist) own feelings during quarantine where his mind was left racing with thoughts on blackness, escapism, violence, and history. The expressive soundscape comprised of carefully laid out synths, a pulsating bassline that reverberates through your body and a chorus of vocal chants backing up the velvety smooth vocal is utterly mesmerising with the saxophone outdo at the end being the cherry on top of the whole affair. It pushes the boundaries of their sound and has me excited for what their future music is capable of doing.

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