Colby Lafayette – BEST GUY

If you’ve been following this blog for a hot minute then you’ll know about our affinity with Colby Lafayette, a fictional alter ego who is the living embodiment of the badassery we all envisioned ourselves being in our youth, toothpick in mouth, leather jackets, motorcycles and all. His latest EP SO BAD was a breakthrough moment for the artist as he looked back upon his own adolescence with fresh new eyes as he reminisced over the times he now nostalgically holds to his heart as well as being the first to point out his own shortcomings. It was the first episode in this compelling series and now we looked excitedly to the future as he continues the story in his latest body of work.

Our first teaser from this is BEST GUY where we begin to understand Lafayette’s relationship with the women of his life. It gives us an insight into what it is to love, the ecstasy that comes from being with someone, the crushing lows that creep into you psyche once they leave and the confusing rollercoaster that a relationship can be with the complications that arise. His sinister grunge sound was made for these stories that compliments the rockstar energy he consistently gives off as his authentic lyrics unapologetically bring you into his world. He rose to greatness in 2020 and now he’s ascending to the gods in 2021.

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