Julius x Sabrina Lee – compensate me for all of my loneliness

Julius, a 25 year old songwriter from New York who now resides in the city of angels and is renowned for the emotional vulnerability within his music that has seen him become many people’s very own lockdown therapist. Sabrina Lee, a 17 year old Virginia native who’s sad bops have seen her be likened to Billie Eilish with the poetic lyrics that are akin to Simon and Garfunkel. Two extremely talented rising artists who’ve been making waves of tsunami height in the past year, so when you put them together in a tender single like compensate me for all of my loneliness you know it’s going to be a homer.

The lovelorn single highlights what both of these artists are amazing at, creating lyrical narratives that captivates the listener, convincing them that every word they utter is happening in that very moment and is 100% authentic. Their vocals intertwine together in glorious euphonic harmony as the intimate melancholy production plays on to make you feel as if you’re listening in on a private conversation between two lovers who’s time is coming to an end. From start to finish you’ll be left captivated by this story.

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