Haich Ber Na – 87 Days

By definition Haich Ber Na is not just a do-it-yourself artist, he’s in-fact a do-everything artist with him not only writing, producing and performing all of his own music but also being the creative director for his own aesthetics. He’s directed all his own music videos, his previous one for 0594 Help was extraordinary, and has always pushed the boundaries on what he’s able to do creatively. Then you’ve got his sound that gives a funk a much needed facelift and thrusts it into the 21st century with it being like Depeche Mode and Jamiroquai formed a super group together.

His EP From Then ’til Now recently came out and it’s got some true bops on there but nothing stands out quite like 87 Days. Vocally it is on another level with Haich Ber Na’s tone sounding the best it ever has with the vibe filled production allowing it to truly shine as he delivers the slick millennial hook that I’ve been singing under my breath ever since it came out. It’s a perfect blend of old meets new as he proves yet again that he is a shining beacon of talent in the UK music scene that deserves to be noticed.

Must Read