The Nigerian / Irish producer and songwriter BUKKY has impressed us with her previous outings but I don’t think anyone could’ve prepared us for the gloriously ominous yet enthralling track that PREMEDITATED.mURDER is. With the one of the opening lyrics being, “I just might kill myself,” she immediately had me on tenterhooks, I was enthralled from start to finish as her fervent lyrics made the story come to life and made my heart race like drum as a result. Combining celestial digital soundscapes with raw instruments the atmosphere is simply palpable in the best way imaginable.

Whilst the song is darker than her previous releases there’s still a powerful message about rebirth at the centre of it all. Expressing that, “I had to completely die to any form of me that I had been,” she signifies this planned murder she lusciously croons about as a way of moving on with her life, forgetting her past self and becoming the woman she proudly knows she is. It’s empowering, darkly toned but, above all else, it’s absolutely sensational track that sees BUKKY come out of the gates swinging and preparing to knock us all out with what she has to offer.

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