Aubrey Haddard – Portuguese Red


Burgeoning Brooklyn based singer songwriter Aubrey Haddard has been forging her own path over the years to create a community that encourages people to sing their truth from the roof tops and, with the incredible moxie and high spirited music she creates, it seems she’s well on her way to doing that. She’s always been exploring her own personal depths, writing songs that come from her own life experiences and looks at them through an honest lens whilst possessing the storytelling capability of Jeff Buckley and the ethereal vocal of Kate Bush. A mash up made in heaven.

Wrapped in a lovelorn nostalgia Portuguese Red sees her living in the past and holding to memories of her first night she met her partner where they pulled themselves away from a pub, sharing their first kiss together before drinking a bottle of wine together that they never finished. Her celestial vocal serves as our narrator to this tale, never missing out a single detail of the story as the rhythmic guitar melodies get wrapped up in this brooding nostalgia trap she’s formed to show how living in the idyllic memories of the past can be dangerous. Ethereally ominous, nostalgic yet modern, euphonic bliss and aesthetically gorgeous, this single has it all.

Must Read