Dana McCoy – Is It Okay

At the beginning of the pandemic the Maryland native Dana McCoy moved back to her childhood home after a rather somber graduation. She began to question the life altering implications that occurred through this, what it would mean for her dreams, whether this whole situation put it all in doubt and, briefly after the Black Lives Matter protests, questioning a core part of her identity that was under attack from the world outside. After a conversation with her friend Kiah Victoria however an idea for a song began to form in her head.

Is It Okay questions the correct way to process emotions, something many people struggle to fully comprehend. Her divine vocal tone evokes nothing but tearjerking emotion as the intimate soundscape of a lonesome piano pulls you into her headspace during this period of her life to let the story completely consume your whole being. Everyone has different ways of going through things, just because others feel comfortable doing something doesn’t mean it suits you and this song is her own proclamation of this.

“Everyday I was seeing these very vulnerable proclamations online and I was questioning how I deal with my own emotions and what vulnerability means to me.” Dana McCoy begins to explain. “What is the “correct” way to process your emotions? Because I didn’t feel okay, but I also didn’t want to judge myself for not expressing that in the same way as other people.”

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