Hannah Jadagu – Think Too Much


Dallas native Hannah Jadagu has a magical quality surrounding her music that is hard to ignore. When you think of balmy days out with your friends going for long road trips to the middle of nowhere with only the radio to keep you occupied, her sound is what instantly pops into my mind. Her previous releases have been laidback breezy affairs that evoke the feeling of summer with the hazy production style and blithe vocals continuing to build upon that concept further. But today, with her first release on the Sub Pop label, she decides it’s time to make something high energy and jubilantly fun, or as she calls it, a bop.

Think Too Much is a light hearted number with care free guitar melodies melting into the loose drum beats as Jadagu’s hushed vocal gently glides over it all with a choir of child like voices there to back her up. The piece serves as a conversation between herself and her inner thoughts about how she overthinks things and sometimes all you need to do is let go to get that dose of serotonin to make the day seem brighter.

Speaking on the track Jadagu said, “‘Think Too Much’ is the only song that I’d written with the intent of putting it on an EP. Sonically, I was challenging myself to make a song that was high energy, fun, and a ‘bop,’ as I like to call it. I asked all my friends what they thought about ‘too much,’ compiled their responses, chose some fun chords and rhythms inspired by Snail Mail and Phoenix, and went to work. Essentially the song is a conversation with myself, as heard through the chants and the ‘kids voices,’ which is just my voice recorded in different pitches and tones.”

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