Huron John – Arthur


Chicago based musician Huron John creates music that will soundtrack the most memory filled summer of your life. Mixing sonic flavours together to create something unique to your music palette, his sound is like taking the hazy melodies of Rex Orange County with the playful hooks of Role Model and the danceability of a Daft Punk album. The wunderkind’s past releases effortlessly transport you to an idyllic landscape where the scintillating melodies and lushly toned vocals make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside whilst simultaneously making your body want to groove along to the rhythmic nature of his addictive sound.

Sentimental is the best way to describe Arthur with it detailing a chance meeting quickly turning into a summer romance. It paints a lyrical picture for us all to watch like our very own private movie as the coruscating production of blithe synths confidently encourages you to join him in allowing the rhythm to take a hold of you and weirdly dance to your hearts content. Contrasting the hurt in our current society Huron John makes us feel happy once more through his uplifting sound and with his next project Cartoon Therapy coming out in the near future, all we can say is we’re excited for what he’s going to do next.

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