Zack Cokas – Pharmacy

From an early age the North Carolina native Zack Cokas had an infatuation with music, any chance he got to create something he would do it. Starting out recording number one chart topper covers on GarageBand, Cokas’ musical palette began to take place and as his skills grew so did his fascination with how far he could push his sound. If you’ve had the joy of listening to his music in the past then you’ll know how eclectic his music is, with tracks ranging from left of field pop all the way to contemporary rap and today he’s continuing to push that narrative lyrically with his latest release.

Pharmacy is his best track yet from a lyrical standpoint with the dynamic attitude they possess combined with his fiery flow making them all the more hard-hitting. Ferocious 808’s lead the production with a pulsating bassline that reverberates through your body allowing the vibe filled melodies to wriggle their way into your head and make you hum the hook for weeks to come. It’s a short but sweet affair that continues to cement Cokas as a raw talent.

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