She Loves Boon – For The Weekend


Born and raised in New York City the 24 year old musician She Loves Boon describes his music as ’emotional trap’ and if you’ve listened to any of his previous tracks you’ll know how true that is. Using a vibrant array of explosive 808s that are reminiscent of MGMT he contrasts the emotional turmoil his lyrics detail as he dissects a wide range of subject matters whilst still focusing on the core aspect of his storytelling. Whenever an opportunity strikes his sonic identity seizes the spotlight, your ears get drawn to it and before too long you’ll find yourself belting the addictive hooks along with him.

For The Weekend, his latest release, pushes his sound further with flamboyant melodies that have a true feel good factor to them as the effervescent beats get your foot tapping and head bopping in no time at all. His high energy vocal croons intoxicating hooks with the buoyant heavy bass providing the perfect back up to help his vocal truly pop out of the production and into the limelight. She Loves Boon is picking up speed and it’s only a matter of time til he breaks the sound barrier.

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