GRAE – Soft


Throughout 2020 GRAE’s music is what kept us going. Her lucid sound filled with dreamy guitar melodies with melancholy lyricisms regarding a wide range of subject matters whilst still maintaining this air of mystique gave us countless hours of escapism that made us not want to go back into the current world we reside in. The Toronto based musician originally made a name for herself in her native country but quickly began to garner attention on a global scale with fans based in all corners of the world and it’s easy to see why when you listen to her effulgent sound.

Her latest release Soft is best described as The Cure but through a contemporary lens mixed with a bit of an A24 coming of age movie soundtrack. The poetically lovelorn lyricisms make you melt inside through the sweet as sugar story they carry as the beautifully laidback alternative bedroom pop soundscape provides the perfect backing for her ethereal vocals to gently glide over it all. There’s something utterly magical about GRAE’s sound with Soft being no exception to this rule and we have no doubt this will soundtrack our 2021 as well.

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