Olive Louise – Nothing’s The Same


As we all begin to grow older we often find ourselves yearning for our childhood once again. We begin to realise how we took so many moments for granted when we were younger, riding our bikes through the neighbourhood, playing outside all day whilst creating imaginary worlds and even just camping outside in your back garden with a few close friends. This nostalgia is what leads Olive Louise’s latest single Nothing’s The Same thematically as she reflects whilst looking back upon her earliest memories with simple joy.

The wistful soundscape feels like it’s come straight out of an A24 coming of age movie as her hauntingly beautiful ethereal vocal hypnotises you as she demonstrates her lyrical prowess through the refreshing vulnerability they offer as she dives deep into her own inner psyche whilst being incredibly authentic. Her sound is characterised through her distinct perspective on modern songwriting amalgamating with her deep empathetic tone of voice which makes her music make a connection that feels unbreakable.

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