Shore – My Story


There are moments where you’re listening to a track for the first time and everything around you stops, for a few brief moments you’re one with the music as each profound lyrics resonates with you, as each hard-hitting beat reverberates through your body and as it finishes you’re left in awe of what you just witnessed. Well this is the feeling I got recently when I heard Maryland native Shore’s latest single that enthrals from start to finish with his earnest storytelling bringing you into his world to learn about his story, where he came from, the journey he’s on and the hardships that he’s faced along the way.

My Story is something special. The glory you experience whilst listening to this is unquestionable, the atmosphere is palpable as he opens himself up to us through his heart on sleeve lyricisms and his intense vocal delivery only elevates them further. His lyrical prowess remains unquestionable throughout the piece with the hard-hitting 808s adding to the fervent nature of the track as the emotional soundscape reaches breaking point where it ends up hitting you with all the power of a freight train. There is something truly special about Shore, there’s no doubt in my mind that 2021 is going to be his year.

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