Paige Garabito – Psycho

California native Paige Garabito made her name in the Golden State’s thriving music scene, with her pulling in upwards of 400 people in local venues, but soon began to garner attention from further fields as her impressive repertoire of forward thinking alternative pop began to pick up steam. Her music highlights the mystical nature the tone of her voice possesses whilst adding a good amount of attitude that the brooding production accentuates even further to give her a well rounded sonic identity that is distinct, flair filled and utterly addictive.

Her latest release Psycho enhances this sound further with the bass driven production with heavy 808’s alongside it contrasting the lighter ethereal vocals of Garabito as she injects her own signature attitude and sass into her performance. The dark toned lyricisms add to this juxtaposition to create an idiosyncratic flair that is simply unrivalled within this genre.

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