Nic Nim – Love Letter to the 6

20 year old New York based musician Nic Nim is known for her love of genre bending. One listen to her discography and you’ll see a wide array of influential genres, be it alternative rock, pop, blues or R&B each track you listen to will show a new side to her multifaceted sound that has been able to intimately connect with listeners across the globe. She conjures up a new feeling with every track she delivers, they’re never the same and each time you listen you’re left more awestruck by what genres she’s been able to melt together in such pristine glory.

Love Letter to the 6 is a grower, it starts off tenderly with an alluring guitar riff that has this lullaby quality to it as the glistening synths timidly enter the fray that slowly build together to a lush finale where the mystical vocals make you feel like you’ve been transported to a whole new world. It’s euphonic bliss at its highest form with the magical inviting quality the track has combining with the honestly intimate storytelling that will have you reach for the tissues in a matter of seconds.

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