Solå – Last Lines

We’re becoming obsessed with the quality of music hailing from the beautiful landmass of Norway over the past few years and Bergen-based Solå is right up there with our favourites. She first garnered our attention with the stunning ‘B Mine’ and has continued her incredible synth-pop form with Last Lines. It’s a track that perfectly toes the line between electronic and nu-disco influences, with plenty of pop sensibilities. 

Taken from her upcoming EP Feel What I Feel, Solå has been carefully honing her craft to create some of the most exciting alt-pop we’ve heard. Co-written with frequent collaborator Vetle Junker (Aurora, Softcore untd.) and mixing helmed by Matias Tellez (Boy Pablo, Girl In Red) they are now forming a strong production force with plenty more to come. Speaking on the new single, she states:

“When you love someone, it’s hard to acknowledge that the relationship between you isn’t working. Last Lines is the realisation that love isn’t enough, when the solid foundations in your relation stopped functioning.As I describe in the lyrics, it can sometimes feel like the two of you are standing on different islands, unable to build bridges to solve whatever problems you might have. Last Lines is the final goodbye to my someone.” – Solå

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