Miley! – 21


When start college you think that by the time you leave you’ll be fully prepared for everything the world has to offer, yes you’ll be a bit nervous and butterflies will be flying around your stomach but you feel reassured knowing it’s all going to be okay, but a lot of the time you leave in your early 20’s being more confused than ever before. It’s something many people can attest to where you don’t know what your next step is going to be and feel almost trapped in this world where nothing seems right anymore. But, as young rising musician Miley! learnt, sometimes in these situations you have to find peace within yourself to let the confusion you felt become a distant memory.

21, an apt title, dives deep into Miley’s inner turmoil with his heart on sleeve lyricisms not holding anything back as he openly dissects his own self discovery on learning to love himself as his soul-stirring vocals mixed with the emphatic production amplifies this message to extraordinary new heights. Then you’ve got the captivating music video that visualises the journey he’s undergone in a simply breathtaking cinematic way, making the message remain with you long after the piece has finished playing.

With only two release under his belt we’re extremely excited to see what Miley! is capable of doing because I feel we haven’t even scratched the surface of his talent levels yet.

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