Dirtsa – Sic Parvis Magna


Dirtsa has a distinct voice unlike any other. Originally from Cameroon but now residing in France the 23 year old musician is as authentic as they come, each word is filled with such visceral passion that it hits you with the power of heavyweight fighter delivering the final blow in a prize winning fight. Her poetically charged lyricisms are dripping with life affirming emotion as she weaves together captivating stories of empowerment that give nods back to the memory of those who’ve passed on but also to people who fight against racial injustice’s across the globe today.

I cannot praise Dirtsa enough, she offers something completely different that stands out from the crowd and proudly screams a message of defiance that leaves listeners across the world speechless at what they’ve just heard. If I had to liken her to anything it would be Tupac meets Aaliyah, she brings the unbridled passion, expressive style and compelling messages that Aaliyah brought to the table but does it with poetic lyrics and mesmerising storytelling akin to Tupac. Two legends wrapped into one, that is Dirsta in a nutshell and her latest release cements that claim even further.

Sic Parvis Magna, which translates into From Nothing Comes Greatness, is Dirtsa inviting us into her past to witness her upbringing in Cameroon before uprooting to France and the racism she’s dealt with within this new land. The enthralling trap production allows her divinely toned vocal to hook you instantly as she delivers the lyrics with feverishly fervent passion that makes the underdog narrative she’s delving into all the more compelling. Then you’ve got the aesthetics of the music video that is just the cherry on top of this gorgeous affair.

No doubt this won’t be the last we hear of Dirtsa because she looks like she’s going to be an international sensation that will captivate us for many years to come.

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