ANGE – Coming for U

Originating from Spain but now based in Australia, the rising artist ANGE got her start in music thanks to her dad’s eclectic vinyl collection. From Stevie Wonder to Beyonce and even a bit of Metallica, which she unashamedly has been known to belt out, she was introduced to a plethora of soundscapes that helped her form her sonic identity that she’s become known for today. Her past releases have seen her draw comparisons to artists like Kimbra, NAO and even BANKS, with her intimate reflections upon her own life and silky smooth vocal runs being goosebump inducing.

Today she takes us on a journey of personal development as she breaks through the barriers caused by imposter syndrome to pursue what she’s always wanted to do, music. Yes Coming for U is that empowering number that we all need when our own inner saboteur begins to take over, her soulful vocal runs as she flips between Spanish and English mixed with the chilled out hip hop rhythms gets us slowly grooving along and in a tranquil state of serene bliss. Easily one of her best tracks to date and she discusses it further below:

“Coming for U is my declaration of my commitment to my music. It’s my way of breaking with my past self and saying: I’m not going to hesitate anymore, I’m not going to stop until I get what I want. No one is going to stop me. It doesn’t matter how many no’s I get, it doesn’t matter how long it has taken so far or how long it takes, I’m going all in.”

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