Emma Beko – Ukelele


Peruvian-Canadian rapper from Montreal Emma Beko is known for being brutally honest within her work. She’s never been afraid to hide anything from her listeners, she lays her soul bare as she dissects her own rock adolescent and growth into adulthood with her raw yet emotionally vulnerable style of storytelling. Her pain and inner anguish are all unleashed as she tackles themes surrounding death, anxiety and doom whilst simultaneously offering a shoulder to cry on for the listener. Their own feelings are acknowledged as Beko lets them know that her music is a sanctuary for them and Ukulele is no different.

The piece explores her own inner fear, in fact most artists biggest fear, of being being abandoned by not only the people around her but also her fans. The ominous synths contrast the uplifting qualities go the ukulele creating an enthralling juxtaposition as pleads with her fans to not leave her, to stay with her and go on this journey of musical dominance together. It’s drenched in nerves, fear and anxiety but there’s an underlying hope to the piece, a hope that tells us it’ll all be okay.

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