Nina Chuba – Yellow Black Blue

Love is both a beautiful and dangerous thing. It’s a feeling that is unlike any other, it makes the darkness that has plagued the world in recent times seems slightly brighter, it makes your days with your partner feel like some of the best days of your life and can raise your serotonin levels to new heights. However, as Nina Chuba writes in her latest single, love can also leave us hurt, bruised and damaged so much so that we begin to lose our very own being in this feeling that we all crave so much that when we finally have it, we struggle to let go.

Her warped avant-garde R&B sound in Yellow Black Blue provides the perfect backing for her brooding vocals that shows the other side of the spectrum to Chuba’s sound. We see her become vulnerable as opposed to her usual bold and confident self as she shares one of her weakest moments through her emotionally evocative storytelling that creates a movie in your mind of the events that occur. She’s a powerhouse musician who takes you on a dark yet mesmerising journey that will leave you reeling by the end.

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