Chris Buxton – Birkin

There’s toxic relationships and then there’s complaining that your current boyfriend didn’t spend his last pay check on you to get a Birkin… I mean they’re nice bags and all but that’s just a ridiculous request, but it’s exactly what South Carolina native Chris Buxton witnessed one day. He saw this influential woman do this and began to brainstorm, slowly an idea formed with the lyric, “she’s gonna do it all for a Birkin,” being the centre of it all which lead to this alt pop rock anthem right here.

Birkin is a stadium anthem in the making with the raw hooks creeping their way into your head without you even realising until you find yourself belting them out in the shower to the annoyance of your flatmates. The bombastic production is filled with unbridled energy that propels the piece forward with the alt pop vocals whilst giving a subtle nod towards the past through the early 2000’s pop punk melodies. Who’d of thought a Birkin bag would lead to a song that, once this whole pandemic is over, would have hundreds of people belting out in unison at any show.

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