BAYEM – Rush

21 year old German-American song pop musician BAYEM has consistently been proving himself to be an artist to keep an eye on. His debut single Pressure still remains on of the highlights of the 2020 musical calendar with it introducing us to his melodically enchanting vocal with a luscious tone that’s hard to ignore as well as his ability to craft a lyrical tale that has you holding onto every word he sings. He’s a talent that impressed us massively in 2020 and today he looks like he’s getting 2021 off to a flying star.

His fascination with the mainstream music culture in the 80’s and 90’s becomes apparent within his latest single Rush that takes the classic synths, funky bassline and enticing melodies of the two era’s before adding a spicy contemporary edge that completes the dish and gives you the signature BAYEM sound. His sound is like Prince meets The Weeknd, a perfect mesh of old meets new that makes his sound feel so incredibly fresh yet, at the same time, so comfortably familiar.

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