Kid Hastings – Call Me Up


Raised in New Jersey but now based in Hastings, England the jazz and choir kid turned bleached-hair indie rock/pop guitarist and songwriter Kid Hastings has made a name for himself by being unapologetically self-expressive within his music through the artistic movement and persona he displays whenever he performs. His scintillating bedroom pop tracks have an iridescent quality where the complex melodies and diverse soundscape makes the world around you melt away and transports you to a dream world unlike any other. His 2019 EP Golden shows this in bucket loads and his latest single Call Me Up expands his diverse soundscape even more.

The lush melodies begin to take ahold of you as the gorgeous layered harmonies bring the heartfelt lyricisms to life in a way that can only be described as pure euphony. It’s a piece where’s he’s blissfully able fully be himself, his uniquely textured soundscape is proof of this but the aesthetics in the music video, directed by Ava Doorey, adds to this than perfectly captures the complex persona that is Kid Hastings.

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