Scutt – Pretending To Be OK

2020 was a year where we all seemingly hid behind a mask, we look deep into a mirror trying to figure ourselves out and why we feel so unhappy with where we’ve been and what we’ve done this year, all whilst contemplating why no one else seems to feel the same during this turbulent year. In the social media era we made our online presence make it seem like we were having the time of our life when in reality we were hurting and didn’t know where to go in this new reality we were experiencing. All these feelings and more are communicated through Scutt’s tender single Pretending To Be OK which takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you reaching for the tissues.

He takes us on a journey, we start off as he tells us about the struggles, the never-ending pain, the sadness that consumes in like a tsunami and the ongoing battles he has in his head but it progresses we see him grow, we see him learn to talk about these issues he is facing and we see him find a support network to help him thrive. The solemn start makes the sadness overwhelming as you feel his pain but by the end you’re smiling from ear to ear as he finds the light to help brighten up his days and provide a message of hope to all who listen.

Must Read