FLØRE – Dead Boys

Within our head we all have those false realities we create. The ones where we’re far from what we consider ourselves to be today, some of us choose to envision life as a celebrity appearing in blockbuster Hollywood movies with Harry Styles as our fiancé, others a simple life in the country where the stress of modern living fades aways or, in FLØRE’s case, a serial killer… yeah let’s not question that too much.

Jokes aside FLØRE showcases her inner dark side in Dead Boys that takes the phrase ‘you’re dead to me’ literally as she takes the pain she felt from previous boys who betrayed her and channelling it into her alternative universe character. Her vocal reaches new heights as you can hear the chaotic edge mixed with the inner madness this character creates that is further elevated by the ominous undertones of the pop production. If you’re going through a break up then we cannot recommend this piece enough, just don’t take the advice to heart.

Must Read