Baby Jane – Soda

We all have those fond memories of our first loves in our youth, those days spent riding bikes through the suburbs singing cheesy songs at the top of your lungs, sitting on the bed next to each other just scrolling through memes or even just sitting in the park going on the playground when it’s late and everyones gone home. These faint memories have a way of becoming clear as day when we’re met with a nostalgic token of that time and in rising musician Baby Jane’s case that appears to be the taste of Soda that she hoped would let her partner taste her lips once more.

Having always loved the juxtaposition between good and evil Baby Jane was never going to write a typical love song, whilst she portrays the butterflies that come with puppy love she isn’t afraid to tell us how this guy was mean to her but that didn’t stop her affection growing for him. It’s got an ominous undertone from the lyrics that contrasts the celestial tone of her vocal and airy quality of the production, creating a love song that is like a collaboration between Lana Del Rey and Post Malone. If you’re into this then check out her debut mixtape A CRY 4 HELP now as it’s a treat for the ears.

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