Al-Doms – Ice Cream


One part of being human is always wanting more, we want to push ourselves to achieve our goals, accomplish the impossible and reach the desires we richly crave and create things that leave an impact on the world that lasts long after we’ve left this planet. To break past the barriers and accomplish our goals we have to embrace discomfort whilst being in the mindset to do so and Virginia’s finest Al-Doms knows this all to well as he wrote the single Ice Cream during a time in his life where his dreams seemed like light years away.

I wrote this song when I felt like everything I wanted to accomplish seemed so far away because of how slow everything around me was moving but my ambition was too big to put limits on myself,” The artist begins to explain about how the track came to be. “I had to put myself in position to succeed so I packed my shit up and moved to New York to put it all in motion.

Wise with his pen, short with his words, and loud with his wit, Al-Doms is wordsmith unlike any other, with the magnetic quality of his music drawing you in like he’s the sun and we’re all merely the planets caught in his orbit. His ferociously passionate flow breathes life into the 26 year old’s razor-sharp lyricisms, blossoming with vivid imagery and emotionally invigorating storytelling that makes an instant emotional connection Al-Doms is the very definition of ‘the pen is mightier that the sword.’ His dreams were light years away, now they’re within touching distance.

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