St. Loreto – Therapy


Back in the early 2000’s emo-punk music reigned supreme, the likes of Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Fallout Boy dominated the radio to the point where you couldn’t escape their sound and their rebellious style inspired a whole new generation of fans. Having heard his son blast this music out full volume in his room St. Loreto’s father bought him his first electric guitar for him to create his own kick-ass riffs and bombastic melodies himself. Cut forward to half a decade later and you can hear that early emo-punk influence in his music clear as day.

Therapy is lead by a raw guitar melody that elevate the evocative vocals to new heights, making each word feel like a dagger piercing your very soul as it goes from dizzying lows to Everest like highs. The production is simple but perfectly executed, it remains stripped back enough that the intimacy allows St. Loreto to gently invite you into his world to experience his inner turmoil but never feels the same, the raw emotion consistently makes you want to learn more an entices you further into his world til you never want to leave.

Must Read