Finn Harry – Murder

Politics in America has reached a critical boiling point, it’s a time where hoards of people storm the capitol building, people get shot in the streets and social unrest has never been higher. This has fuelled a new wave of grunge infused alternative music that vocalise this civil unrest, not being afraid to unleash the inner fury they’ve felt and lets the world know their opinion on all the disastrous pieces of news that have been circulating. Never before has this music been more needed and in walks Finn Harry with his explosive debut single that allows us all to have some sweet relief from the parasitic world outside.

Murder, an apt song title name, is propelled forward through raw distorted guitar riffs with a looping beat adding to the animosity the piece makes you feel, wanting to release it all in glorious fashion Finn Harry even includes a scream for you to belt out at the top of your lungs without a care in the world. Listening to this track you go through a cathartic process, you let the rage, anger and frustration all take a hold of you before you unleash it in one deafening yell that makes you, for a few brief moments, feel free. I’m expecting some great things from Finn Harry.

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