Kings Elliot – Dancing Alone

You know those moments where it’s raining outside and you solemnly look out of the window pretending you’re in a tragically sad movie where your love has left you alone for the first time? Well whenever I listen to Kings Elliot I feel like I’m experiencing that melancholy all over again. Her heart on sleeve style of songwriting makes her music so human that she makes an instant connection with her listeners, the emotion washes over you in this beautiful sadness that makes you feel alive. It makes you remember the good that came before the bad and wraps it all in one perfectly wrapped musical parcel, as is shown in Dancing Alone.

It tackles hers, and my own, deepest fear of being alone. She bares her soul as she pulls you into her own version of the Waltz to let you know how hard it might be to hold a relationship together when you’re going through painful struggles both mentally and physically. Will you keep each other balanced as the weight becomes unbearable? When she forgets the steps will you help her relearn them? But, most important of all, when she begins to fall will you fall with her? These questions are weaved elegantly together through a slow dance metaphor that will have you reaching for the tissues.

Must Read