Issey Cross – Who


When a debut track immediately opens with a defiant line like, “who the fuck is this bitch,” then you damn well know you’re going to be listening to something that’s going to be played on repeat for weeks to come. London based newcomer Issey Cross immediately makes her presences known in debut track, with the left of field alternative pop soundscape grabbing your attention instantly, this isn’t just a regular debut, this is a statement of intent. Within a brief two minutes she tells you who she is, what she intends to do and demonstrates white hot ferocity that comes with her sound.

Who wastes no time in introducing itself, it moves in for the kill with passionate lyricisms about a confrontation where she knows her partner is being deceitful and she’s having absolutely none of it. It’s an empowering number with spaced out beats highlighting her ferociously expressive vocal performance that makes ever word feel like a dagger in the back, making you feel the fury she felt during every moment of seeing her partner with another. A stellar debut and with more blisteringly hot music on the horizon we have no doubt this won’t be the last we hear of Issey Cross.

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