Nel – Finish


We all have things that we want to do, dreams we want to pursue and life aspirations we want to accomplish but something always manages to get in the way to stop us fulfilling them. Whether it be our job, our personal life or great circumstances our dreams slowly become something we keep at the back of our mind ready for a day that may never come. It’s something I think about a lot and it’s Nel’s debut single Finish that made this question rush through my head with break neck speed with her introspectively poignant lyrics and emotionally captivating vocal leaving me speechless.

The song itself is actually about, well the song itself. Wanting to finish something so badly that you get the chance to perform once again, to feel the serotonin inducing euphoria of showing your music to the world with the inner conflict of whether the song will be loved by the people around you and music lovers alike. The song was her obstacle and entrance to her dream. Sometimes you’ve got to break through the barriers and finish one part for the dream to begin to take flight and Nel’s debut single is the perfect track to inspire you through it all.

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