Jacob’s Blue – Hard of Hearing

Within the modern world artist’s are often encouraged to overshare themselves, be on every social media platform, consistently post content of themselves, get people talking about them and so on and so forth, which is why it’s rather refreshing to have someone like Jacob’s Blue enter the scene. The artist doesn’t overshare on his social’s, I’d go as far to say he has an air of mystery surrounding them, but instead becomes an open book through his music where he tells his own truth in a mesmerisingly beautiful way that makes the world around you seem all the more better for it.

Hard of Hearing is one of the highlights off of his Born in the Sunset: Thoughts on Oasis EP that soars from start to finish. With a unique production featuring a myriad of scintillating synth melodies before we’re greeted by the celestial vocal he possesses and when his melodic rapping arrives delivering his honest lyricisms you’ll find it ridiculously hard not to fall head over heels for this man’s music. Whether it be dancing, reminiscing, rocking or crying, his sound has something for everyone involved.

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