Hannah Hausman – Will I Ever Feel Like This Again

Hannah Hausman’s comeback story is something that belongs in the cinema, the small town indie pop songstress saw her debut, Lost in Brooklyn, blow up back in 2018, outlets were reaching out, labels were in touch, all looked to be going smoothly until the unthinkable happened. A virus attacked her vocal chords resulting in Hausman losing her voice for a year, she couldn’t even hum, and although her voice was gone her dream was still there and after a year of seeing a vocal therapist Hausman could finally speak and sing again. This is an Oscar winning movie directed by Greta Gerwig if ever I’ve seen one.

Today she dropped Will I Ever Feel Like This Again is best described as pure poetry as the pain of a situationship takes ahold of her where she questions if they’re just friends, something more or something less before deciding to do what’s best for her and walking away. As she leave she asks herself whether or not she’ll ever get to experience sweet euphoria inducing serotonin like this again, whether that was as good as it gets, but the reality is it gets far better. Her quirkily celestial vocal glides over the spaced out production filled with compelling melodies, addictive hooks and scintillating synths that makes sure her voice is the focal point as interwoven story unfolds before your very eyes. She might’ve lost her voice but she’s found her real one today and we’ve got no doubt this won’t be the last we see on this artist’s ascent to the top.

“I started writing this song a year ago to navigate my conflicting feelings about a guy who I always loved but knew would be bad for me,” Hannah Hausman begins to explain. “Even though I knew he wasn’t right for me, he made me feel something I had never felt before. We ended up dating and our relationship was even more toxic than I imagined. It was so hard to leave him because I was so scared to fall back into apathy. The song follows my intuition and emotions as they fight against one another, and I gain the courage to walk away.”

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