Adam Melchor – Last Time

When I think of outstandingly underrated lyricists Adam Melchor is always the first name that pops into my head. Every word her utters feel like pure poetry coming out of a seasoned wordsmith who lets the emotion cascade over you like he specifically created these poignant metaphors for you. He captures all aspects of what it means to be human, the little moments, the grand gestures, the nostalgia ladened memories and heartbreaking days, it’s like a movie playing in your mind of life itself. Past releases like Real Estate and Three Hours Ahead we beautiful and today he’s taken it up another level in Last Time.

This is one of Melchor’s best tracks to date, with the story focusing in on the uncertainty of seeing a love one again as he waves goodbye to them at an airport, wondering whether or not you’ll ever see them again. Solemn vocals lead the track whilst portraying this story beautifully as his profound lyricisms take flight over the stripped back production, adding another layer of intimacy to the piece, before emotional nature of the piece comes crashing down upon us in a grand spectacle that cements Adam Melchor as one of the best songwriters out there right now.

Speaking about the track Melchor explains, “I wrote ‘Last Time’ in Late February of 2020, before the pandemic hit. I started the Lullaby Hotline that same week (and now I’m coming up on week 43?!?!) and always had this song in mind to put on the project. The song is about leaving someone at an airport and the feeling of watching them walk away from you. In that moment, I ask myself ‘is this the last time I’ll see this person?’ and proceed to walk myself through every good and bad scenario until ultimately, I see them again. I remember thinking while writing this, ‘will there ever be shows again?’. Hopefully someday soon we’ll be able to laugh at how much we cried this year, and be around the people & communities we love that bring us light.”

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