Ocean Heights – Randy


The best way to describe the band Ocean Heights? Amateur bowling team by day, 80’s pop icons by night. The New Jersey based quartet have already created a name for themselves with their nostalgia inducing sound that is reminiscent of Tears For Fears with a smooth soul vocal mixed with Mac DeMarco if he had a bit more of a funky bassline to his sound. They stand in the intersection between indie and R&B, fusing the two sounds together with an indulgent sense of nostalgia and contemporary twists to craft a sonic identity that you can jam along with and simultaneously cry along to.

Randy is heartbreak at its finest with the opening line offering a rejection as swift as a Tinder swipe as the pensive lyricisms continue to build upon this, making you feel like you’re watching it live on a new reality TV show where each word is calculated to a tee to get the audience invested within the story. The jangling guitar riffs mixed with the luscious bassline and subtle electronic keyboard provides the perfect backing for both sides of the story, the nervous excitement that comes from confessing your feelings to someone and the dread that follows soon after the rejection. Heartbreak wish a dash of funk filled confidence, what’s not to love?

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