girlhouse – knuckle tattoo


Through their sound girlhouse have managed to capture that feeling of driving with your closet friends down the coast with the roof down as the sunsets in the distance with the smell of freedom wafting through the air and all the worries of modern life fade away for a few sparse moments. It’s best described as an A24 film brought to life with the feeling of lovelorn adolescence flowing through every nook and cranny of this track that will have you wistfully reminiscing your own youth. They’ve done it previously with their Christmas single ugly xmas sweater party and their debut mt. shasta dr but today they’ve hit it out of the part and then some.

Knuckle tattoo opens with a vigorous guitar melody that slowly get accompanied by a throbbing bass riff and atmospheric drumbeats that come together in a glorious euphonic fashion towards the end that capture the vibrantly explosive joy of 80’s youth in a heartbeat. It’s a slow burner that after one listen will have you hooked as the simple lyricisms melt together with the Phoebe Bridgers-esque vocal to create something with an undeniable beauty to it that you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again.

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