saamson – november


2020 was a year filled with a lot of self discovery for people, the alone time during isolation allowed many of us to focus and learn more about ourselves that wouldn’t of happened any other year. We felt things that we’d never felt before and, despite being stuck inside all year, it allowed us to understand the precious nature of our own life in more ways that we ever could’ve at any other time in our life. This concept lead to saamson to release his debut single that chronicles this year through his earnest storytelling and emotionally invigorating voice.

Without even batting an eyelid november immediately gets us invested in the story through the honest lyricisms that become more and more relatable as the melancholy single begins to play on. That’s what makes saamson spellbinding though, although his lyrics come from his own personal discovery the story is something we can all simultaneously understand, we all find ourselves within his music and it slowly becomes a place of comfort for us. His sound is human and that’s what makes him so special, he might only have one track out right now but he’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

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