Ever since we premiered their debut the New Jersey-based creative collective KIDSNOT$AINTS. have been consistently impressing us with their scintillating R&B sound that had us swooning in an instant. Through their lusciously smooth vocals, spaced out atmospheric production and introspective lyricisms they were able to craft a sonic identity that saw the collective swiftly become a name to keep an eye on. Drawing influence from the likes of Brockhampton, Frank Ocean, and John Mayer, the group create music to soundtrack those timeless and unforgettable moments you wish to go back and reminisce over and over again.

Entitled is their most mature track to date as it tackles the ineffectiveness of a one sided relationship, you need to both give and take to make a relationship work and how it can’t be sustained through only one person’s efforts. The production pays homage to the 80’s through the synthwave influenced melodies before the song structure and groove give the piece a contemporary flair that elevates the sound to a whole new level before the pensive lyricisms become the cherry on top. It’s becoming harder and harder to not acknowledge the raw talent that is on display with every release this collective comes out with.

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